The Ghost / Ex-Models / Places To Park / Hitch - live in Iowa City (Cover Artwork)

The Ghost / Ex-Models / Places To Park / Hitch

live in Iowa City (2002)

live show

So this was the 12th (?) time i've seen the ghost so lets wonder what opinion of the show i'm going to have....

good billy, in the back, i'm going to enjoy the show regardless of rashes or hernia's. So the opening band was called hitch I believe from holland. I may have gotten the name wrong as I am drunk, however for the $6 for the show, this show was worth every penny. Hitch was really good, ever since funeral oration, i've had a soft spot for the dutch punk rock. When the second song was instrumental, and the bassist looked like the stereotypical dutch rocker with wickedly long sideburns, I wanted to give him the horns.

Next was the volcom records band places to park.

So, anyway, next was EX-MODELS from new york. Entertaining, and a little more chaotic than the fare so far. I enjoyed the condescension to the audience, thumbs up.

The ghost played, and well scott, you missed them playing their OIL compilation song "they came to see you", as well as every song from the split with prosperity wallet, and a brand new song of which i dont know the name but rocked.

The two "ghost" girls as I'll call them, drop me a message cause we can coordinate hand gestures to the songs. Rock on.

The ghost were gabes house band this year, and dammit if they dont play a billion times next year.

Unfortunately, I couldnt stay to see the headliners engine down, though I've heard good things.