Can't Swim - Death Deserves A Name [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Can't Swim

Death Deserves A Name [EP] (2016)

Pure Noise Records

Pure Noise Records really struck a hidden gem when they signed New Jersey band, Can’t Swim, and released their debut, five-track album Death Deserves A Name. For a band that seems to focus on creating a grungy sound through heavy clashing instrumentals, Can’t Swim really creates a real standalone sound. The band’s style seems to fluctuate back and forth between hardcore and punk undertones, and seems to be influenced by steadfast mix-tempo acts like Title Fight and Balance and Composure.

If there is anything I admire about this album, it’s that constant grungy, raw sound. Few modern acts have the ability to successfully attain pure musical aggression without sacrificing aspects of instrumentals or vocals, which can throw an entire album askew. Death Deserves A Name lands in the perfect position to be a dominant record, without sacrificing a thing. The track “Way It Was” is a perfect example of this band’s ability to mix and match sounds so perfectly, melding Chris Loporto’s vocal talent over a landscape of beautifully synced guitar, bass, and drums. The intensity and energy of the song are a major motif in Can’t Swim’s debut album and a huge reason I fell so quickly in love with this band.

The vocals produced by Chris Loporto really display an endless range of possibility for the young band. Loporto’s vocals, which I want to compare to the vocal style of Beach Slang’s James Alex, demonstrates a mixture of soft harmonies and aggressive lyricism that creates a fairly unique sound for the album. The track “Your Clothes” utilizes Loporto’s vocal diversification and creative lyricism to add some energy to what would be considered a cliché punk love ballad. The vocals, combined with endless tempo changes and a driving bass backbone is the exclamation point on this record.

Ultimately, for such an early effort from a newly signed band, I can’t see too much fault in Death Deserves a Name. It’s an extremely impressive effort and I can say that I became an instant fan on the first play-through of this album. If you haven’t looked these guys up, I suggest picking up the record or catching this band on tour sometime soon.