Moose Blood/Can't Swim - Live In Howell, NJ (Cover Artwork)
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Moose Blood / Can't Swim

Live In Howell, NJ (2016)

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2016 marked the second time Moose Blood has visited the states. Last year they played the Vans Warped Tour and this year with a headlining tour hitting most of the major cities on the east coast. On July 23, Moose Blood played Gamechanger World in Howell, NJ with the support of Can’t Swim, The Young & Heartless, and Halogens. The show was of epic proportions with the crowd eager to see Moose Blood for possibly the first time for a lot of fans. The band nor the openers didn’t disappoint and left fans eager to hopefully see Moose Blood again.

The Young & Heartless brought out their darker songs and opened the show with a lot of stuff reminiscent of Brand New and Balance and Composure. The band’s charisma helped portray their sound in a great way. Some of their songs definitely belong in bigger venues. The band did a great job starting off the tour package and helped start the crowd’s energy.

Can’t Swim seem to be New Jersey’s next big thing and they showed their home state a good time on Saturday with classics from their EP, Death Deserves A Name as well as new songs that will hopefully be released in the future. There’s a lot to notice when watching Can’t Swim. Whether it’s the way the lead singer always says thank you the same way after every song or the way the band overall rocked through their set. The set ended with their single, “Your Clothes” which definitely was enough for the audience to want to look deeper into Can’t Swim.

Truth be told, I followed this tour from New York To Philadelphia and each night was incredible. When Moose Blood came out Saturday night, they came out in good spirits with high hopes of a great show. The audience certainly delivered the energy back to the band as they ripped through 10/11 of their first full length as well as two new songs from the upcoming and anticipated, Blush.

The band was extremely humble about being in the US and the overall reception to the shows that were booked. They showed extreme gratitude throughout their set that genuinely cared for the audience they were playing for. The band even offered out their own water bottles to fans, recognizing that the venue was indeed very hot.

Overall, the night was a big success for the band as well as the tour was. It was so exciting to see a band that rarely plays far from home and to show that band that kind of love in reception to them being here must be really rewarding.