Krimewatch - Demo 2016 (Cover Artwork)


Demo 2016 (2016)

Lockin' Out

Krimewatch is an East Coast hardcore powder keg with a street punk fuse. An initial menacing bass riff is caught off guard by speedy guitar strumming; echoed, distorted vocals start to shout, and as everything intensifies, a pent up explosion of anger overtakes, revealing the band’s New York roots.

As swaying guitars fade and chanting ends, “Coward” begins. Punky, snotty licks come rapid fire, while hard pressed syllables jab along in succession with drum smashing. A bilingual band, Krimewatch also uses Japanese in addition to English. “ゴキブリ 男” (“Cockroach Boy,” thanks Google translation) is a total mosher, giving huge, frustrating yells and driving instrumentals, it’s the most hardcore minute and 15 seconds on the release.

“No Sympathy” offers an interesting mix of Casualties’ vocal patterns, and White Lung’s harsh, haunting delivery. Krimewatch’s combination of styles is rewarding and nice to see their take on using 80s US hardcore, Japanese punk, and seemingly any sub-genre in between. There are glimpses of New York metallic hardcore on the finisher, “Peach Generation,” a slow, head banging groove woven with jumpy hooks, and even an exhausted grunt to close things out. It's little details like that which give the demo it's raw, pure, hardcore edge. 

Krimewatch is part of a new wave of the best hardcore we’ve heard in years, definitely be on the lookout. Catchy, fun, and angry, much more is needed, this one demo is not enough. Let’s face it, the logo usage for the band is pretty cool, too; simple, recognizable, and diabolically enjoyable.