Dog Party - 'Til You're Mine (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Dog Party

'Til You're Mine (2016)

Asian Man Records

At first glance I thought Dog Party was all hype and another guilty pleasure. Then I decided to give their last record, Vol. 4 a spin and it was the perfect shot of catchy, upbeat pop-punk that had me craving more. Just like he did with La Sera, John led me to a charmer. 'Til You're Mine finds the two-piece more mature, edgier and aggressive. Feels like they've come of age with attitude for days on end. The restlessness and frustration on tap really work as they do away with the mid-tempo essence of the past. It's a pretty bold move that pays dividends. 

The self-titled opener and "The Look" best exemplify their stylistic growth. Think of bands like Bikini Kill (they even churn out a pretty badass "Rebel Girl" cover) and L7. Of course, the Ramones' influence on the sisters is there in spades as well. These songs feel like some of their most crisp and well-produced tracks to date. They sound so much more reassured and confident. Note, their musical approach is still bent on simple chord structures but this time around the melodic hooks make way for grittier riffs and quicker deliveries. "And I Did" is another great example of how they've roughed things up from their more anthemic stuff of old. It's not as bouncy but filled with anger and energy, particularly in the songwriting aspect which feels like they've experienced more and thusly, have a lot to say. This time around, their youthful exuberance is mixed with the strongest punk backbone Dog Party have displayed in their catalog. It's a grrrl riot meant for those who remember what early '90s mosh pits were about on the punk scene. Dive into "Lay Back!!!" and tell me I'm wrong. The young ladies are badass women now and this album screams just why...