Badparker - RayFinkle (Cover Artwork)


RayFinkle (2015)

self released

Shortly after the release of Demo 2014, Badparker are at it again with Ray Finkle. Was it necessary to release these two songs alone? No. Are they good additions to Badparker's catalog? Yes. You don't have to hear these songs before you die though. They both stick to the same sound they had on Demo 2014, which is a good thing. I'm guessing that these 2 songs will end up on one of those compilations that puts all of their EP's, singles, and other rarities together. The thing that makes this release special and worth listening to on its own, is the vibe it has. There's something about the album cover and the dull production that makes it exciting. It makes everything much more real and depressing. It starts off with "Cookie", a funny little track that isn't anything incredible, but the vibe it pulls off makes it special. When the guitars come in, they make one of the strangest noises I've ever heard guitars make. It's almost like they were playing underwater. This song features some of Cameron's best guitar work yet. The riffs are catchy and memorable, and fit the song perfectly. A solid track that works well on this release. "Ray Finckle" is obviously the show here. It has become somewhat of a fan favorite and a live staple for the band. It starts off with a really simple but classic guitar riff, making it extremely hard not to love or forget. Clever lyrics follow, and it soon kicks into the classic anthem of a chorus. Towards the middle of the song, the instruments take over, and you can faintly hear Cameron screaming in the background. That makes it so much more emotional and likeable, and is probably my favorite part in the song. These two songs are solid tracks, but they don't beat anything off of Demo 2014 for me. The one thing that is truly amazing about this, is the feel that it has. Something about that feeling of being an indie band that doesn't have many followers, releasing music to very few who will pay attention to it, is insanely charming, and makes things more exciting. An interesting release from these guys, but it's something that few will be able to appreciate.