Big Eyes - Stake My Claim (Cover Artwork)
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Big Eyes

Stake My Claim (2016)


Big Eyes have transitioned from their usual 'youth in revolt' theme to one that's about growing up. In doing so, they come off much more inspired and self-assured, both lyrically and sound-wise this time around. Our very own super reviewer, Joe Pelone, got me into them a couple years ago and they definitely continue to live up to expectations. A deservedly-hyped NYC item that infuses melodic punk with the lo-fi buzz that all fit the definition of indie gem. Stake My Claim is pretty self-explanatory as it definitely pushes them to the front of the line they've been bustling toward for so long now.

They've still got that nervous, jittery energy to them but what I love about these tracks is that there's a distinct confidence as they (pardon the pun) stake their claim. Case in point, the jangly surfer rock anthem in "Behind Your Eyes". Very catchy yet so mature. Kati Eldridge starts her running her narrative here about working your shit out and taking control of your life. What stands out most are how spot on the guitars are here. Consistently. This album's their most guitar-intricate and chord-driven record to date I think. Buzzy, riffy and rife with huge hooks. And loads of infectious choruses. Refer to the more punk-laced tracks such as "Leave This Town", "When You Were 25" and "Giving It Up For Good" to see what I mean. The second half of the record winds down a bit to the more mid-tempo range but Big Eyes do what they do...pretty well. If this record doesn't put them on the map big time, I don't know what will. Astounding stuff.