Sum 41/1208/Flashlight Brown - live in Pomona, CA (Cover Artwork)

Sum 41 / 1208 / Flashlight Brown

live in Pomona, CA (2002)

live show

Let me set the mood.

It is a Monday night and I just finished reading the last review of this Sum 41 tour. I checked their website and saw that they were playing the Glasshouse (my favorite venue) the next day, but it was already sold out. I had nothing better to do the next night so I asked about 30 people if they wanted to go with me, and finally I got a friend to go. We went their and bought 2 tickets both for face value, and went into the show.

But first...

We were in Jack in the Box and the bass player for Sum 41 was standing where you get your drinks. Across from my friend and I was an asian mom who had to of been at least 40 and her two sons who were probably the biggest people I have ever seen. They were both about 23 or so. Anyway, here is what was hilarious...

Mom: "That's the drummer for Sum 41?"
Kids: "No mom, it is the bass player" (mom proceeds to run over to the bass player)
Mom: "Hi (shakes his hand), are you the bass player for sum 41?"
bass41: "yes."
Mom: "Oh my God, I am talking to a movie star. Oh my God. Please, meet my boys."
Bass41: "Nice to meet you guys."
Mom: (looking at the 3 roadies sitting at a table) "Are you guys in the band too?"
Roadies: "No, we aren't."
Mom: "Oh, well it's ok, I am talking to a movie star. My boys are going to your show tonight."
Bass41: "Cool, thanks"
Mom: "My boys love you guys so much, they have pictures of you on their walls and listen to your cd all the time and..."
Boys: "Mom, stop! Please!"
Mom: "Oh, sorry."
Boys: "Mom, let's go!"
Mom: "Ok, I can't believe we met a movie star."

Take into account, this is an asian mom who is speaking super fast and making her two boys really embarressed. It was really funny, and at the same time, yes, it was cute haha. Ok, onto the show...

FLASHLIGHT BROWN STOLE THE SHOW! This Canadian four piece opened up with a song that I wasn't too thrilled with, but when I gave them a closer listen for the next 33 mins, I really enjoyed what I was hearing. Pop punk, with duo vocals, one high and one very scratchy and low. At first, when you look at the bass player, you can't picture him making the low/scratchy voice that he does. But, it blends perfectly with the lead singer, and with the energy of the lead guitarist these Canadians came off as a great live band with some very entertaining music to back them up with. When you have a chance, check them out, you won't regret it. Oh, and don't take my word on the pop punk classification, that is just what I would put them under, I don't want to scare anyone away when they hear pop punk, especially since it is a Sum 41 show. So, everyone, check these guys out, I can't say enough about them.

On the other hand, 1208 I can say very little about and be very content. These guys don't suck, but they don't do anything for me. To best describe these guys, they are a band that sounds identical to Pennywise. They have a guitarist who played 97% bar chords, with a bass player, and a singer who sings well, and get this; looks a lot like (in my opinion) Justin Timberlake (although even better looking hahaha-I'm dead serious). No, I don't like guys, but come on, guys can tell if another guy is ugly or not. Anyway, back to the music. They played a 30 minute set that was way too long, but they deserved it after returning from a 3 month tour. The singer for this band is very funny, reminding me of Mark from Guttermouth, because all he does is mock everyone and yell at them.

Now, I am not a big Sum 41 fan. I saw them back at the Face to Face/NFG/STD tour and they didn't impress me at all, besides "Grab the Devil by the Horns..." which they didn't even play tonight. Anyway, I like their new song "Still Waiting," and most all of their singles, yet I hated the rest of "All Killer, No Filler." So really, I don't know why I am at this show other than it is better than sitting at home watching Gilmore Girls.

Sum 41 came out, played "Makes No Difference," which was the only difference from the rest of the reviews that have been written. Surprisngly, they only played for 50 mins, and didn't crack a joke or have any synchronized movements the entire show. They sounded very tight (not cool tight), but they just didn't interest me at all. I got bored watching them, which is surprisng because I thought I would enjoy them this time around.

I guess the moral of the story is, always trust your first instinct, and never take your mom to a concert!