Nerf Herder - Rockingham (Cover Artwork)

Nerf Herder

Rockingham (2016)

Golfshirt records

What can I say about Nerf Herder that hasn't been said before? Well, how about they take forever to make a damn album! I pre-ordered Rockingham before my ex-girlfriend kicked me out, so that was over a year and a half ago. Essentially it took them almost two years to record this thing, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Let it be known that I've been a Nerf Herder fan since their self-titled debut album finally made its way from California to my one-horse Pennsylvania town. I fell in love instantly and since then I've made sure to buy each successive album on release day. Suffice to say, I'm what you might call loyal. That's why when word reached me that Nerf Herder was recording a new album and you could help them out by pledging, I hopped onto the series of tubes called "The Internets" and laid down my cold hard electronic money transfer?

Then the waiting started. I waited for months and then I waited some more. For a while I forgot all about it. Those were good times. Then I'd get an occasional email alert telling me that the album still wasn't done and then I'd be sad until I forgot all over again.

Cut to a couple weeks ago and Boom! A link to download Rockingham appeared in my inbox. Holy balls, Batman! I was stoked. I was disappointed... that it took so damn long to finally listen to it. See what I did there?

This is supposed to be a review, so let me get to reviewing. It's good. Very, very good. If you like past Nerf Herder albums you will love this one. It sounds incredible. It's insanely catchy and the lyrics are mostly clever and just goofy enough to be funny, but not embarrassing to sing along with.

My one very minor beef is that it is very pop-culture heavy. I mean, the pop-culture references come at you left and right. Luckily, most of the references are to things that have stood the test of time, so the lyrics shouldn't feel dated five years from now. Oddly enough, my favorite songs are the ones that rely most heavily on pop-culture. Go figure!

Nerf Herder fans rejoice!  Our long wait is over!