Belvedere - live in Ottawa (Cover Artwork)


live in Ottawa (2002)

live show

All screamed jubilation in Ottawa Nov.17th and 18th ensuing the announcement of a 2 day Belvedere show. Belvedere's a technically clever melodic punk-core four piece from Calgary, Alberta, packed with a chock-full of bare-knuckled knowledge on instruments and cried lyrics of memories that didn't always serve them well. I'm still looking, for a mystical man to answer me why it's taken so damn long for all their hardcore, hard slog to gain them their well deserved established name?

Anyways, on with the show, first night the vocals were basically non existent, so that show will be non existent in this review cause I don't think it's worthy of Belvedere's full potential but just to feel their existence on stage left each crowd the chance to experience their raging sound. A definite issue that forever ate at Belvedere is a permanent drummer, problem solved. Graham is his name and he confirmed to reincarnate Belvedere's fast melodies, keeping up valiantly with 3 mind-boggling guitarists that for many would be impossible, let's just hope he sticks it out.

On stage, no set-lists were used, rather looking to their fans for frequent requests, I must say they marvelously winged it and neither did they stick to any specific album. If graced with a chance to see Belvedere live make sure your ass is close, because you definitely don't want to miss your chance and overlook Scott their lead guitarist when playing. He's been perfecting his talent for approx 20yrs now and have mercy it shows. Steve's firm main vocals kept the same screaming angst from first lyric to last and were sturdily supported by Jason's spot on bass talents and dulcet of wrought up supported vocals.

They're catchy as hell and absolutely toxicant to watch live with a sound that leaves an impress like no other, set your eyes on their amazingly active live set, Belvedere's without doubt for me punk rock at it's finest.