Diners - Always Room (Cover Artwork)


Always Room (2014)

diet pop records

There's rarely an album that can elicit such emotion on the first listen as Diners' first full-length LP "Always Room". Full of catchy pop choruses and Brian Wilson-esque harmonies, this album captures the vibrancy of a singular moment in time hoping in earnest to preserve it. What that moment is means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, including the talented lineup of musicians in this band. But the focus here is not in the details, but rather the feelings behind them. The small parts of our lives that play on repeat in our minds long after the moment is gone, and the people who we remember long after our final goodbye. The soft, tender soundscapes that evolve and swell throughout this record showcase just how important those memories are, no matter how small or fleeting.

Simple, catchy, and eloquent; the lyrics on this record capture a spirited innocence of youth that can only be underscored by the band members themselves - if you've been lucky enough to see Diners live then this should be a given. Each song bubbles with enthusiasm and confidence that is nothing short of infectious. And yet, there is an air of melancholy on this album as well. Tracks like "Citrus" and "Out of the Blue" suggest a struggle to reconnect with old friends, and maintain the optimism of youth in the face of drifting relationships. Growing up really is dumb.

The richness in the instrumentation is really what makes this record unique. Every synth, every drum beat, every string, and every sweetly hummed melody from lead vocalist Tyler Broderick is placed with such precision throughout this album. From the twinkling arrangements in "Daydream Receiver", to the bouncing energy of "Good Zone", each song perfectly builds and complements each other from top to bottom. This record is truly a celebration meant to be replayed like a memory.

For as ambitious as this album is, it still feels grounded. Driving through a small town is an adventure. And just plain ol' hanging out with friends can be as liberating as a daydream. There doesn't need to be a plan, all that's important is that they're together. People are memories in this album, and Tyler wants to be surrounded by them. To live in these memories. To live in this "Always Room".