Chewing on Tinfoil - Moving the Goalposts (Cover Artwork)

Chewing on Tinfoil

Moving the Goalposts (2016)


Chewing on Tinfoil's latest EP, Moving the Goalposts, is the culmination of two odd years worth of recording, and an excellent addition to the Irish punk band's discography. Themes of loss, letting go, and learning to move on are framed by energetic sing-alongs that contrast the introspective subject matter.

The opening track "Charlene" is a ballad of lament, questioning the decision to continue writing music for an apathetic audience, while staring dead on at a relationship that seems well on the verge of collapse. The crooning melody of this song sets the mood for the mournful, expressive lyrics of this record.

The following track, "Give It Up" is a bouncy song that begets the anger hidden in the words. This may be the catchiest track on the record, apart from the closer, and it compels the listener to want to move along.

Third track "G'wan So" is the most sonically aggressive song on the EP, detailing the resentment felt towards a former friend leaving behind your hometown. There is not a single light-hearted song on this album, and this one certainly rings with the most righteous indignation.

"Stray" is a hook-heavy tune, reflecting the mental cycle of fixation on regrets; regrets that are ultimately accepted in the final song on the EP, "Marching in Time." The closer is a lively song, with a tight-knit pacing that almost urges the listener to, in-fact, march in time to it. However, the statement behind this track proclaims the exact opposite, and comes close to putting forth an uplifting message on this record. The operative word being "close," as the album still ends on a very somber note.

Ultimately, this EP is a treat for fans of emotional punk. It's highly recommended for fans of Jeff Rosenstock, Streetlight Manifesto, and Morning Glory.