Triathalon - Cold Shower (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick


Cold Shower (2016)

Broken Circles

Triathalon offers up a lot of funk infused into their indie R&B. The band’s latest offering, Cold Shower is a smooth blend of drum and bass mixed with the sweet sounds of indie rock guitar. The final product is sexy R&B music a la R. Kelly and OutKast that’s great for smooth party music. The band just finished a run with Angel Du$t and Turnover, which is a slightly unlikely tour for the band as they don’t quite seem to fit in between those two bands. But the band’s blend of smooth sexy rock is enough to entice an unsuspecting crowd in the best way.

“Southside” is a smooth track that’s extremely infectious. The keyboards tone between a piano and a synth create a nice riff that carries the song while the drum and bass lock in tightly. The rest of the EP follows suit with catchy songs that have a groove to them. “Come Thu” is feeling good kind of music. The songs bring you back to a different time in R&B while still maintaining a steady sound as a live band bringing the jams.

“Smooth Move” ends the EP on a softer note but still maintains the direct feel of the rest of the songs. The song is possibly the most complex riff wise on the EP and creates a grasping ending to Triathalon’s efforts. Cold Shower is guaranteed to make you want to dance to the slow jams that Triathalon has to offer.