Creative Adult - Fear Of Life (Cover Artwork)

Creative Adult

Fear Of Life (2016)

run for cover

At it’s core, Fear of life appears an amalgamation of Black Flag’s hardcore punk riffage and the downbeat mood/melodies of Joy Division. A short sharp punk rock shock like ‘reality tunnel’ on the flip side to a quintessential pop song like ‘moving window’ are two extremes to a record that achieves a unique, compelling atmosphere. Drawing and dropping the curtain with two eight minute long jams (literally) may not pay off for an act lacking the confidence of Creative Adult, who gleefully scribble on blueprints borrowed from some of alternative music’s most important and enduring tenements. Remarkably, nothing on Fear of life feels forced or doesn’t work, a considerable achievement considering the diversity of material on offer.

Oasis and My Bloody Valentine are just two of the Brit rocking shoe gazing Great British artists that Creative Adult tastefully molest with their own abrasive, punk rock tropes. ‘Heal’ is a personal favourite, riding a sanguine lead guitar intertwined with a melodic bassline, the low end satisfyingly high in the mix throughout the album. ‘Heal’ epitomises the melodic sensibilities and streamlined song craft that elevate ‘fear of life’ above a mere collection of songs or a clumsy rehashing of influences.

For a prolific act, fear of life plays with a cohesion that the 7” format can’t really achieve and their previous full length psychic mess simply did not. Fear of life is a resounding success in this context, drawing from a proven track record of writing memorable songs and compelling aural landscapes to craft a consistent and varied album that is both instantly compelling and reveals more layers and nuances with further listens. I couldn’t really ask for more from a record brazen in influence but elevated by attitude, ambience and individuality.