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Lucky 7

Lucky 7 (2002)


So, I've heard of Lucky 7 before, but I've never actually listened to them. The first thing that popped into my head when I put in this CD was "Mxpx." The vocals are very reminiscent of Mike Herrera ala "Slowly…" and "The Ever Passing Moment." Although, of course, the vocals are not exactly like Mikes, they sound very similar, like Allen Colaneri (vocals/guitar) could be Mikes little brother. (Hey, speak of the devil, I was looking for some names of band members and Lucky 7 just happened to thank Mxpx…)

Yes, I'm going to compare them with Mxpx. Very, very similar. Some major differences however would be harmonies and guitar. Now this is my first time listening to Lucky 7, maybe they have other releases? Regardless of what other people think, yeah, they sound like Mxpx. (how many times have I said that now?)

The harmonies of Allen and backing vocalist Steven Press (bass) differ from that of Mxpx. They are more melodic and harmonious, and occur more often than in most Mxpx songs. I imagine Steve's' mouth must have been in the "O" shape during the entire recording of backing vocals from what I hear. The guitar parts are different of course, seeing as Mxpx is a three piece and Lucky 7 has four members. They are obviously able to have a more specified lead and rhythm guitar. With that said, all there is to know is that there are more solos.

Other things I noticed while listening to this is that pretty much all the songs are about girls. (but can you really blame them? No, no you can't.) Also, a reference to the "lords" help is in one of their few songs not written about a girl. I don't know if they are actually a "Christian" band or not… but uhh… Christian… Mxpx… striking similarities?

With my final thought I'd like to say that Lucky 7 is great. While pop punk is not my bag, they still do it well and are super cute in the process. Plus the CD art is great. In need of some cute sappy pop punk? Pick this up, I'm glad to give it my stamp of approval.