Apologies, I Have None - Pharmacie (Cover Artwork)
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Apologies, I Have None

Pharmacie (2016)

Animal Style Records

Apologies, I Have None are one of the most refreshing acts you're probably not listening to. The Brits create a beautiful, atmospheric mood through dense layers of post-punk -- rich, lush and hazy that paint a vivid, emotional picture. In this case, Pharmacie deconstructs the decline of mental health, the eroding relationships associated as well as the will to survive these suicidal moments. It's a brutally honest listen and a musically-cinematic dive that needs to be taken. 

They perfectly blend together influences such as The Who, Caspian, Mogwai and Cloud Nothings on tracks that can best be called light. Embrace is another that pops to mind on the orchestral "Love & Medication". Vocalist/guitarist Josh Mckenzie's delivery is one of the major focal points of the record. I love how he doesn't dilute his British accent when he cuts clean or much more aggressive, as seen on "Wraith". He roughs it when the guitars get edgier a la Sparta but it's when the record goes shimmery and post-rock that his words resonate more. I'd definitely call this a guitar-driven album and because of the vocal duality on tap, the dynamic can also be compared to Rise Against. "Clarity of Morning" is an example of this with "Crooked Teeth" adding flavour as the ballad needed to self-reflect at sunset. The soft-loud interplay and symphonic crescendos all combine to highlight their best work to date. Pharmacie is one of those albums that even when running long, doesn't feel to lengthy. It's therapy that's more than worth the while, bleeding despair yet promising healing and hope at the end.