The Hammer - Vermin [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

The Hammer

Vermin [7-inch] (2016)

Straight and Alert records

Sweden is known more for exporting melodic death metal than knuckle-dragging, primate punk, but Gothenburg natives The Hammer didn't let that stop them from bashing out a top-notch EP. The band wears their Think I Care influence on their sleeve, from their name (Mongrel 7-inch anyone? What a beast of a record) and artwork, right down to their junkyard dog vocals and mongoloid pacing. Anger, frustration, and violence are naturally the lyrical topics of the day, but there's no way lyrics about green initiatives or a cruelty-free diet would sound right over tunes this abrasive. The Hammer play hate punk to stomp pretenders to - nothing more, nothing less. Vermin is a absolute head-cracker for fans of the aforementioned Think I Care and other bands of their ilk like The Boston Strangler and The Rival Mob. If you like your hardcore with a dash of goon, look no further than The Hammer.