Like Pacific - Like Pacific [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Like Pacific

Like Pacific [EP] (2015)

Pure Noise Records

From the clean mean streets of Toronto Ontario comes the five piece Like Pacific and their self titled EP. With this release Pure Noise reiterate that they have an eye for signing talented, promising bands. Like Pacific are Jordan, Chris, Forret, Greg, Luke. Like Pacific have discerningly blended the essence of post hardcore and pop punk in this 5 song EP. The first track “Sigh of Relief” is 1 minute and 22 seconds of pure adrenaline in the vein of early Lifetime and Ex Number Five. On “Suffering” the singer strains his voice ever so faultlessly as he belts out "Head above water but I’d rather be sedated and under" as the rest of the band fill their supporting roles with seamless musicianship.

I really enjoyed this EP and it’s has been on continuous rotation since I first listened to it. I’m eager to see them live and I hope Pure Noise Records develops this band as their potential appears boundless.