After The Burn - The Eternal Embrace [EP] (Cover Artwork)

After The Burn

The Eternal Embrace [EP] (2016)

Basement Records

Here's an EP to cruise around on your skateboard to. This EP opens with an isolated reverberant guitar lick that soon enters a mid tempo standard punk rock beat. There is definitely an artsy/indie vibe to this release. Bands that come to mind are Joy Division and Kudrow (yeah, kind of a random band but that is what comes to my mind). 

The vocalist really makes this band standout. The melody and random vocal effects mix very well together.  There is a sad/depressing undertone that's present throughout this EP but it still makes you want to bob your head and get lost in all that's going on.  A lot of different layers can be heard which is cool because you'll notice a little more with each listen. It's not gonna make you want to open up a pit or anything but it may cause you to get into a deep introspective mood. You'll probably want to take a few listens because it's only a 4 song release. 

Definitely a cool listen if you want to get in a trance like state of mind. I'd recommend getting a nice cup of coffee, chill out in your rocker or comfy couch, and give this a couple listens. Each track is solid and keeps you interested. So, for fans of garage rock and indie punk, give this a shot! I don't think you'll be disappointed.