The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About (Cover Artwork)

The Get Up Kids

Something To Write Home About (1999)


If you took out all the amazing music of the Get Up Kids from this album, you'd get words. Just words. You'd listen to them- and as I did, think- this is amazing. This is f*cking amazing. Because nothing can match the thoughts that swam to my head when I first heard the chorus to "My Apology", and the subtle genius of this sentence.

"Sometimes I can think to recite, words that I read and rewrite, my pens paint people, that I've proven wrong."

Words are so key on this album. It's clear that what isn't said is what shines- this is not music- it is just an experience. I have never had time to think when I listen to music- the fast pace of bands that I tend to like such as New Found Glory are just fun little tracks that you can sing along to and enjoy the heavy guitar and the varied drum parts.

So a friend recommended this to me- he's usually a Rancid/NOFX fan. He is usually a hardcore punker, but he says the Get Up Kids help him get through hard break ups he's had lately. Well, I was stoked to find out he listened to emo. Because, well, I enjoy talking to friends about music. Who doesn't?

So I pop this cd into my player, taking a second to read the booklet. Much in the style of one of my favorite bands Taking Back Sunday, this booklet reads like a journal entry- you almost get the feeling you're not looking at words to a song. Now here's the thing: I know some people might listen to this song and think, well, they use big words, but I could use big words if I wanted to.

No. It's clear that the Get Up Kids know what they put in their songs. These words blend beautifully into each track, and the music and words seamlessly work with each other to put a sound in your ear that is all it's own.

On to the actual review of the album itself- I'm just going to list the tracks and talk about them.

Holiday- The opener, and a quite fitting opener to boot. This song flows along at a great pace, and the chorus has some great melodies that really stick in your head. A very, very good song to open it up. The ending to this song really seals the deal, with a final screaming round of "Maybe I can see you on the holidays."

Action & Action- "I'm stronger now, but not without, the right formula for..." A great line that is very memorable in this song, that starts out quite a bit like "Holiday", but with it's words it makes a big difference. The chorus is once again full of great melodies, and a good main guitar part helps it along.

Valentine- A slower song that uses it's words to send the message, and a simple, to the point chorus that is finished with a three layered vocal part that really works perfectly.

Red Letter Day- A good song, fun to hum along too, and "You the one for, you the one for me" is delivered in a fun, powerful way that compels you to yell along with it.

Out Of Reach- A slow song that starts with just the acoustic guitar and piano, and wow, does this song make an impression- the visuals of this song really give it a lot of power. Amazing song, that gets a bit louder after the first chorus, and you can really feel it picking up.

"Here's me, overseas, across the pond, by the dover peaks. I've smuggled myself into new nationalities, think you'd be proud of me."

Ten Minutes- The first song I heard from this album, it's a winner with it's fast paced melodies, and one of my favorite parts of the whole album is after the second chorus, which states: "Pockets empty, how can you tell me that everything will work out."

Company Dime- A slowish song that is nice, but not too memorable, just because there aren't any large hooks in it.

My Apology- What can I say? Amazing melodies, awesome lyrics, just an amazing song. The chorus is so powerful it's almost a whole song by itself.

I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel- A great song that is supported by it's lyrics and it's great hooks. "If I go, it's not impossible, but possible is probably wrong" is one of the best set of lyrics I've ever seen. It is used well in the song, and it gets a good mark.

Long Goodnight- A slow song that is good, but drags on a bit with the same tendencies as The Company Dime- but still a great song, nonetheless, just not as steller as the others.

Close To Home- Amazing. Flows along with a great pace. The chorus picks up and you can't help but sing along to this one. One of my favorites.

I'll Catch You- The words make this song good, and it's a nice ballad, but it's missing something- like all the other though, still a good song because of the excellent writing.

This album is amazing. Three songs that are not my favorites are still very good- this is a band that will stay in my cd player for a very, very long time. One of my favorite albums, I urge anyone who doesn't shy away from large words to pick this one up. Although if you do shy away, that doesn't neccesarily mean you won't enjoy it. You just might not pick up all of the subtleties.