Spill - Top Ten (Cover Artwork)
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Top Ten (2016)

No Sleep

From their self-titled EP last year, it was pretty obvious Spill was about trying to break free from life in a restless world. Whether it's a small town or a relationship that kept someone chained down, the Pennsylvania four-piece waxed as poetic as an indie-rock act could, while staying true to the tropes of modern punk and not coming off too cliched. Top Ten is a natural evolution of Spill, which finds them at their most reflective and most focused in terms of sound.

Brandon Gepfer's vocals are a major draw for this record, with "All Right" standing out the most. It's a mix of Nirvana and The Menzingers -- head and shoulders above the 90's-era fuzz rock layered in the opening tracks. It's a nice contrast to that Superchunk feel you'd quickest associate with Spill. Top Ten is all about variety with "Turn Around" packing that slow burn of Brand New, "So Bright" running forth in all of its indie-punk glory and also, "Feels Too Good", which packs the sting of Brit-indie-rock. The 10 tracks all dig deep into Gepfer's soul and rise above the waters that have attempted to drown him his entire life. What ensues is an emotional rock album that's sure to keep Spill pinned on your radar. Recommended.