Conflict - Ungovernable Force (Cover Artwork)


Ungovernable Force (1985)

Go Kart

The Ungovernable Force is Conflict's swansong. Taking the (a)political stance of their forbearers, the Crass, and mixing it with ferocious yet precise punk, Conflict created the blueprint for any political punk band to come.

With urgently screamed vocals laced with soothingly calm spoken pieces, Conflict create a delicate musical landscape, which seems as if it is teetering on the brink of destruction. For Conflict, punk is more than music – "Mental Mania," it is a lifestyle – "C.R.A.S.S," urging animal rights – "This is the ALF," with direct political action – "The Arrest." Yet, Conflict realize some mistake punk merely as a fashion – "A Piss In the Ocean," but it is in fact thriving with political action – "The Ungovernable Force."

Conflict have the distinct sound of a '77 era punk band, with thick bass and buzzsaw guitars, but Conflict do explore different musical territory. On "The Day Before," Conflict briefly delve into reggae, and on the closing track, the beautiful "To Be Continued," with nearly choral female vocals, they create a moving piano driven track with the haunting hook, "Do I stand alone again in my endless search for freedom?"

While Conflict are somewhat unpopular in today's world of punk, partly due to the fact that they rarely tour the US, The Ungovernable Force is still a vital and essential piece of music.