RVIVR - The Tide [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Tide [7-inch] (2016)


I've tried to stay away from reviewing EPs that aren't three or more tracks. But when it comes to a band as good as RVIVR, I'll make an exception because it's been too fucking long. 2013's The Beauty Between was the record that really won me over and the Bicker and Breathe EP a year later sealed the deal. The Tide b​/​w Shaggy picks up right where these records left off. Punk as fuck, and in your face.

"The Tide", recorded in Portland, feels like early-era RVIVR; with a bit more melody and a bit more pop. The best summary? It's aggressively catchy. Erica Freas is as on point as ever with cutting riffs and PK Meshell's bass-work laying the groundwork. In fact, both songs on tap here kinda feel like one big song divided into halves. "Shaggy", recorded on Long Island, is even faster and very much, more punk. It feels like the shift they took when they started churning out more jams like "Paper Thin" -- decisive and filled with intent. Lou Hanman takes a turn on bass here and he drives the rhythm much more than the first song. In essence, these tracks are the RVIVR songs you'd expect to hear if you've been familiar with them over the last five years or so. Once more, they don't disappoint, teasing big things to come at a time when not just America, but the world, needs more voices like Freas, whether it's personal or political.