Rats in the Wall / Heartless Folk - Skeletal Twins [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Rats in the Wall / Heartless Folk

Skeletal Twins [EP] (2016)


Rats in the Wall and Heartless Folk recently released a split EP. I'll be focusing on the Rats in the Wall side. Rats in the Wall is Brad Logan's (LoC, F-minus) most recent band. They're a cool female fronted 4-piece that reminds me of "I Object" as I listen through their side of this split. 

The EP starts off with a dark track called "The Unknown". The thing I find most appealing about this song is the sludgy nature of it. It doesn't pickup speed or anything but it's solid, thick, and captivating. I've listened to it a few times and each time it grows on me a little more. The lyrics are cool too, about how we're heading into an unknown future that will probably be worse than things are now.

Track 2 is called "Sinking". This one is a little more energetic than the previous song. It's a short song --nothing too crazy here -- but a solid mid-tempo hardcore track for sure. I must say that the back and forth vocals of Eva and Brad really mix well in this band. They compliment each other quite nicely. 

The final song is called "Manufactured Desire". The lyrics are what you'd expect from the song title. It's cool that they are able to maintain a dark tone throughout the track and keep their chord patterns and song structure interesting. Definitely a cool song that once again, ended up growing on me more and more as I listened to it a few times over.

Overall it's a really solid release. You'll want to play it a few times over most likely. The best way to describe it is short, sweet, and to the point.