Los Crudos - Discografia (Cover Artwork)

Los Crudos

Discografia (2001)

Leguna Armada

One of the most inspiring bands of the 90's. A group of Latinos from the south side of Chicago get together and form a raging hardcore punk band, choosing to sing in Spanish, but shattering barriers along the way. At a time when hardcore was turning into metal, these guys got to the older, faster roots. You can hear bits of Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Void and the Dead Kennedys, if you want to pick things out, but with Martin's rabid vocals (which got higher-pitched over time), Los Crudos had their own identifying factor. Yeah, they were a political band, with lyrics that take a strong stand against the oppression of not just their community but all oppressed individuals. Of course there's a focus on Latino issues (assimilation, harrassment of undocumented immigrants and gentrification of their neighborhoods).

Powerful in music and message, this anthology includes all of Los Crudos 7" releases, the split 12" with Spitboy, the "Canciones" LP, songs from compilations, a few unreleased cuts and a dozen songs recorded live in the studio (there's 74 tracks total on this disc). Los Crudos recordings have been tough to come by at times, this should hopefully rectify that situation and there's no excuse not to have this anymore. They left behind a formidable legacy. Pick up this disc now.

(taken from Suburban Voice #45)
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