Homewrecker - Extinction By Design [EP] (Cover Artwork)


Extinction By Design [EP] (2016)

good fight entertainment

Extinction By Design is the most recent E.P. from Ohio based band Homewrecker, and it is a ripper of a release. Homewrecker blend heavy hardcore influences with the blistering speed and heaviness of thrash metal legends like Slayer and Exodus. It isn’t quite cross over, but it isn’t quite your typical hardcore listen either. Regardless of what it is, I am definitely looking forward to their upcoming full length.

Homewrecker have taken from the Hatebreed playbook, in that they combine the speed and guitar lead driven style of Slayer, into a heavy hitting hardcore formula. Homewrecker are a bit more true to the low-fi thrash element than Hatebreed’s arena metal approach though. That being said, Extinction By Design has the cleanest and tightest production value of the bands releases to date, and it does not do them any harm.

The instrumentation is impressive, and the vocals are consistent and heavy, not being weighed down by redundancy, or being lost in the mix. It is tough to pick a stand out track, as I enjoy all four of the songs offered here, but the first track “Extinction By Design” definitely caught my attention. The intro made me want to actually act on my recent inner desire to smash my computer into 1000 pieces. This E.P. has been a welcomed distraction from our current circus of reality as of late.

I wish Extinction By Design were longer, as it definitely left me wanting more. I hope that the upcoming full length adds a bit more dynamic to their assault of heaviness, but I think using this formula, Homewrecker are set to knock it out of the park with their follow up full length. If you feel like pushing some weight or losing it on the guy in the next cubicle, this is definitely a potential soundtrack for it.