Less Than Jake - Sound The Alarm [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Less Than Jake

Sound The Alarm [EP] (2017)

Pure noise

There's no better feeling than seeing one of your favorite bands of all time jump in the deep end with a record label you love dearly. Less Than Jake and Pure Noise joining forces was something that caught me completely off guard, but safe to say, they deliver everything I expected. A band that'll forever go down as a legend in ska/punk making music that warms the depths of our souls, under a label that gets a big-name push to bring further eyes to the other great stuff they've put out.

"Years of Living Dangerously" symbolizes everything these guys are about. Chill, melodic and anthemic. Tracks like this, and "Whatever The Weather" make Sound The Alarm an EP that not only reminds us why LTJ deserve every bit of the spotlight, but it also throws nods back to why bands like Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish, no matter what, will always resonate. This particular EP recaptures the magic of the band's past, likeĀ Hello Rockview or Greetings From. It isn't just about ska/punk here as you've got your faster bangers and bass-laced ass-kickers such as "Call To Arms." I won't spoil too much because six tracks don't feel like quite enough. I can't wait to continue this journey even more with a band whose messages, whether introspective or outward addressing the punk community or taking a shot at the nation at present, always stick. More, please.