Various - Fat Music Volume VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence (Cover Artwork)


Fat Music Volume VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence (2002)

Fat Wreck Chords

The sixth installment of the "Fat Music" series of comps since they began firing em' out back in good old 1994, Uncontrollable Fatulence doesn't stray to far from the classic comp formula these days: A few gems, some decent listenable tunes, and (unfortuneately) an equal helping of trash for good measure. Right from the get go however, I'll say that the amount of unreleased tracks on this CD alone make it well worth the meager price. The enjoyment you'll receive from listening to this will far exceed the enjoyment you'd get from that "super-burger" value meal you ate last night for the same price. Here's a quick breakdown of the tracks...

1. Lawrence Arms - Presenting: The Dancing Machine (Unreleased)
Great lead-off track. Fast, straight-ahead Chicago brand punk rock with distinctive, solid vocals, nothing particularly new style-wise from this band, but why change a good thing? This band oughta see a long histroy on the Fat roster if they keep pumpin' out this calibre of work.

2. Propaghandi - Back to the Motor League (Released)
I don't care if this track has been around for a while already, Propaghandi remains one of the best Punk outfits to ever come out of Canada dammit! Blistering riff-based rockin' with that political tinge.

3. Mad Caddies - Leavin' (Unreleased)
No disrespect to these boys but, I think it's time to try something new, the whole horn/ska/punk thing is getting a bit tired. The only thing I've really always appreciated about this band is the folksy-storytelling style lyrics. Thankfully at least those are here. Otherwise, first thumbs down track so far.

4. Dillinger Four - File Under "Adult Urban Contemporary" (Released)
Boring. It seems I'm the only one around who can't get into this band, maybe it's the poor production, the vocals seem to constantly be drowned out by a wall of mud and noisy guitar work. If that's your thing, great. If not, make a fridge run now.

5. Lagwagon - Never Stops (Unreleased)
Back with a bang. I can't wait till their new full length comes out. Standard Lagwagon fare, with that "first new track in years" energy. Joey's time in Bad Astronaut certainly did him well, his vocals have improved lots.

6. Strung Out - Your Worst Mistake (Unreleased) Same Strung Out we heard on "American Paradox", interesting chord progressions, great vocals, and one killer chorus make this a stellar track. They retain that "only band on Fat who includes solos" signature as well.

7. Rise Against - Generation Lost (Unreleased)
This track gets me pumped and wishing I was smack in the middle of the pit at one of their shows. These guys haven't gotten any less pissed off. I like.

8. NUFAN - Friends of the Enemy (Released)
Standard new-school NUFAN pop fare. Quite generic actually, relying on same four chords that their ENTIRE new record was written with. Disappointing to say the least, I'm sick of hearing that same old "T-formation" chord progression, and they don't even try to hide it! Thumbs down, to one of my fave bands of all time.

9. Avail - Black and Red (Released)
Least favorite track so far. Beginning/Bridge seems incoherent to the rest of the song. Unoriginal and uninspired.

10. Swingin' Utters - Sign in a Window (Unreleased)
I've never been a big fan of the Swingin' Utters, but I must say I guiltily enjoy this track. Same similar storytelling lyrics as demonstrated by the Mad Caddies track above, otherwise a healthy dose of standard street punk.

11. Less Than Jake - Faction (Released)
I loved this track... over a year ago... when it originally came out. Less Than Jake remain one of the only Ska-rooted bands I still love, they always manage to fit the horns in tastefully. Time for some new material though.

12. Freznal Rhomb - Had Enough (Unreleased)

I gotta admit, I was expecting less from these guys. A bit on the poppy side, sweet guitar-intro/riff, and a great chorus. Officially the first track by this band I've ever liked.

13. Anti-Flag - Federation (Unreleased) Standard "we hate the government" fist-pumping "lets go riot" tunes these guys have been churning out forever. Mediocre at best.

14. NOFX - Mattersville (Unreleased)
The fact that Fat Mike isn't swimming in his piles of money rather than rockin' out another classic NOFX tune is amazing in itself. Wicked chorus, NOFX = Delicious punk rock goodness.

15. Sick of it All - Built to Last (Live)
As the only live track on the comp, as well as the only real hardcore influence on this comp, Sick of it All pull off a great track. Heavy riffage Yelling. You either like it or hate it, I liked it.

16. Wizo - I Hate You (Unreleased)
Yeah... the reason this track was unreleased, I would imagine, is because it is absolute garbage. By FAR the worst track on the comp. Obnoxious, pointless & stupid. Wait lemme rephrase... Worst track EVER written, ever.

17. Good Riddance - Yesterday's Headlines (Released)
Good track by a consistently great band on the Fat Roster. Politically fuelled punk rock with a surprisingly upbeat feel. A bit dated, as the track was released as a preview for their last album online months before it came out... a year ago.

18. Me First... - Nothing Compares 2 U (Released)
Same old Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies. Average track, a bit on the drab side, but if you like these guys, you'll dig the track. Decent chorus, annoying verses. Kind of a crappy end to an otherwise great comp.

In conclusion, go purchase this, it's well worth the money as I mentioned above. Cheap punk compilations really can't go that wrong.