Arkham - Mahkra (Cover Artwork)


Mahkra (2002)


Arkham is a band with a different sound that makes it hard to place in a category or compare with other bands. I think that this band reminds me a lot of At The Drive In, with some influence from the screamo/emotional hardcore. Very often on this release there are soft melodic almost pretty parts followed by screams and a harder and louder music.

The lyrics are really hard to understand, partly because they are either screamed or kind of mumbled/slurred together with the music, which was kind of interesting at first, but quickly got old. Also a lot of the songs seemed to sound the same and just really melt together into a type of white noise that I have been using while trying to study to keep my room from being too quiet and letting my mind wander.

To me this cd really has nothing to offer the listener and actually gets boring after a few listens, the emotional parts aren't interesting and the screaming isn't that good. There are a few cool musical parts, but none that really that grabs a hold of you. If you can't get enough of bands with weird screamy sounds or like ATDI a whole hell of a lot, you might be interested, but I'm not.

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