Stillwell - Don't Face a Problem... Burn It (Cover Artwork)


Don't Face a Problem... Burn It (2002)

Forge Again

Stillwell comes to us from Chicago with a post hardcore/math rock sound to them that at first I really didn't like, I thought it was sounded like a slowed down noise band, but that is before I gave it the time needed to become accustomed to the sound of this band. I found that this is a very good band that has a different and unique sound to them. This band is one of those that take time and more than a few listens before you actually start to really enjoy the music.

The music has parts that are more post-hardcore sounding, but they all have that weird math-rock vibe running through that throws you off but at the same time intrigues you to listen closer and try and figure out all the different movements and textures in the music. Like the music, the song titles were also weird, disoriented, and didn't really make a lot of sense, but they still grow on you and, to me anyway, fit the style of music that is being played. Some of the tracks that I really enjoy are: What Going On With the Word Fuck, Quit Quitting Only to Quit Again,The Monet Shot.

If you are a fan of experimental music and bands like Tale Genji, Q Not U, or other math/experimental/post-hardcore bands this is a band that you would probably enjoy.

What's Going On With The Word Fuck?