Clever Girl - Worst New Artist (Cover Artwork)
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Clever Girl

Worst New Artist (2017)


A couple years ago I wrote about Clever Girl's Shelf Life. It was a great offshoot of one of my favorite bands, This Is Your Life, from Richmond, VA. Clever Girl didn't mimic TIYL's melodic/hardcore/punk style to a tee, but focused on their own sound -- which was lighter and a bit catchier. Worst New Artist is an EP, five tracks, more or less doing the same, but showing the band's range and leaving fans wondering when we'll get something lengthier. As it stands, this is pretty short but pretty sweet, as usual.

"Speed Boat" is one of their most aggressive tracks, shredding for fans of skate punk. It has A Wilhelm Scream written all over it, showcasing how technically sound the guys are. Their poppier stance on "Loose Ends" feels like a roughed-up State Lines, which again is a big plus. I love the contrast on these two opening songs. By the time "KoRn Shirt" wraps things, you can see how versatile the band really is. This track in particular is a great middle ground of their two styles -- quick and snappy, but still very head-bobbing and singalong. Here's to hoping they listen to those who want that full-length soon.