New Found Glory - The Story So Far DVD (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

New Found Glory

The Story So Far 📀 (2002)


Who would have thought that the idea of DVDs would be embraced by so many in the punk community? A quick search on shows that there are over 100 punk-related DVDs that they carry alone, with more coming out all the time. It's pretty ironic that a type of music that isn't supposed to be based around money [and ridicules people for "selling out"] thrive on the most expensive form of entertainment on the market today. But I'm not here to write an editorial about what is inherently wrong with this, I'm here to review a New Found Glory DVD.

I'd rather write the editorial.

In all honesty, this DVD isn't all that bad for what it is. Sure, I hate New Found Glory with a passion, but as a DVD it is well stocked with goodies. There are two separate documentaries about the band [one pre-MCA, one current], and after watching this I actually know the bandmembers' names. Up until now, I just though it was "The guy that looks like Quintin Tarantino, the guy who was in Shai Hulud, the fat bassist, the crazy drummer, and the other guy." So at least that is cleared up now.

The DVD also has all five of the band's music videos, which are all entertaining to a degree [especially the original version of "Hit Or Miss" with Corey Feldman]. No matter what you think about the band's sound, these guys do have a sense of humor. The newer documentary doesn't portray this too much, but the older one does an excellent job of actually showing you who these guys are [and I definitely was laughing out loud at points - especially Jordan's impromptu song about cat piss].

This DVD won't make the band any new fans, but it will definitely please the band's current horde of groupies.

Oops, I'd write more, but this just sold on, so I have to go package it up.