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Anchors (2017)


I've heard a lot of descriptions for Anchors. Skate punk. Angry melodic hardcore punk. The whole nine. The first time I heard them was on Lost at the Bottom of the World back in 2012. I didn't pay much attention though as my focus was on a band from Virginia called This Is Your Life, who was doing the same schtick. Sadly, I let Anchors slip me by. This self-titled EP is bittersweet because as awesome as it is, it reminds me of how it wasn't until around 2014 that I got to truly appreciate Anchors thanks to a friend online who kept harping on them. Better late than never, right?

From the more hardcore approach on "Born To Rust" to the signature tracks like "Stay Fast" it's very clear how dynamic and flexible Anchors are. These Aussies are some of the most technically proficient in mixing these genres, crafting their own take on punk. Bands like A Wilhelm Scream, After The Fall and Brutal Youth pop to mind when you hear the swirling storm of riffs and the crushing guitars that come at you fast and furious. In just five tracks, it's a lot to take in. "So Lost, So Low" is an even catchier spin in a showcase that nicely paint all that Anchors have come to represent. Can't wait for a full-length!