Creeper - Eternity, In Your Arms (Cover Artwork)


Eternity, In Your Arms (2017)

Roadrunner records

Creeper are a band from the U.K., who are relatively new to me. When I first saw that electric purple logo on a random Spotify playlist, I was not quite sure what to think, but I was pretty sure Creeper were a band that probably was not for me. Fortunately, after I got a hold of Eternity, In Your Arms my attitude towards the band changed. It turns out that I should not have judged a record by its goofy and bright cover art.

I will come right out front and say that I am far from an authority on “horror punk” or anything of that nature, but as a fan of punk rock in general, Creeper’s new record was an enjoyable experience for me. Creeper are a bit of a unique band, they blur the lines between traditional Epitaph punk rock, a touch of Brand New, and most curiously, they add in a touch of cock-rock, dare I say similar to Avenged Sevenfold into the mix. I know that sounds like an absolute disaster waiting to happen, but they pull it off in a fun, and very catchy manner.

The production value on Eternity, In Your Arms is very slick, and considering the record is coming out on Roadrunner, it is what I would expect. The record is crisp and clear from front to back. As far as the songs themselves go, we have a few mighty stand out songs such as track opener “Black Rain” that boasts a very catchy chorus, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the song “Misery” is one of my favorites. While not exactly a punk rock anthem, the song brings more of a softer emo vibe to the table, the vocals remind me very much of Jesse Lacey from Brand New, which is a positive in my books. The addition of harmonizing vocals from keyboardist Hannah Greenwood adds more depth and dimension to the songs, what can I say, I am a sucker for male and female harmonies.

There are a few songs that I might be tempted to skip, but nothing that is criminally bad. Some punk rock purists might outright ignore this record, but I think that would be a mistake. If you can get behind bands like AFI, Ignite, and Brand New there is something for you to enjoy on Eternity, In Your Arms. My least favorite part of this record is the artwork, it seems cheesy and overdone, but if that is the records biggest flaw, I think I can look past it.

Creeper have put together an interesting record, the band draws from many influences including glam rock, melodic hardcore, skate punk and radio rock to name just a few. Creeper are not afraid to mix things up, that is for sure, oh, and before I forget, you should probably like keyboards before continuing further. There is an undeniable amount of cheese scattered throughout the record, but if you like a huge chorus (dare I say super chorus?) and quick drum beats, tolerating the cheese may be worth it. While this record will not be for everyone, I can safely say that I’m glad I gave it a chance.