The Fullblast - Attack.Sustain.Decay (Cover Artwork)

The Fullblast

Attack.Sustain.Decay (2017)


The Fullblast might be one of Canada’s best-kept punk rock secrets. The Fullblast have put out two previous full lengths; Contagious Movement Theory, and Short Controlled Bursts in the early and mid 2000’s, but had since disbanded. That is, until 2016, the year in which the band reunited and wrote their most recent work, new E.P. Attack.Sustain.Decay, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Attack.Sustain.Decay, like The Fullblast’s previous releases is explosively fast, and somewhat technical, melodic punk rock. It could be considered skate punk to some, but it is more like pop punk with the speed dial cranked to 11. They bring to mind other Canadian bands like Belvedere and Daggermouth sound wise, but with a much larger emphasis on softer, catchy choruses. The most recent output is no different, it is fast as f*ck, and catchy as hell.

The production value of Attack.Sustain.Decay is great, and may be the cleanest of the bands catalogue. The drums are crisp and clear, and so are the harmonies. The Fullblast are a very drum driven band, with galloping fast beats throughout the record that sound as crisp and clean as ever. The lyrics cover a broad range of topics, and come to a borderline level of cheese, but certainly not enough for me to complain at any length about.

I wish this were a full-length record as opposed to just five songs. That being said, I’d rather have five great new songs than none at all, so I will take what I can get. The Fullblast have done a fantastic job of picking up right where they left off years ago, and have successfully delivered an awesome, speed driven punk rock record. I recommend this E.P. for any pop punk or skate punk fan. Try not to like it, I dare you.