Various - Before You Were Punk 2 (Cover Artwork)
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Before You Were Punk 2 (1999)


As if one 80's nostalga comp wasn't enough, Vagrant brings round 2 of your favorite punkers remembering the past. This star-studded comp contains big names such as NOFX, MxPx, The Get Up Kids, and Lagwagon. Maybe it's cause I'm a bit too young, but I don't recall ever hearing half these songs. There's only about half the songs that jog my memory on this CD, which are: the Suicide Machines' decent cover of "What I Like About You", the Hippos' quirky, MOOGish-sounding "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the Go Go's, the Bouncing Souls note for note rendition of "Don't You Forget About Me" (seriously, it sounds almost identical to the original; hearing it made me want to go watch "The Breakfast Club" again), the Gotohell's simple punk cover of "Just What I Needed" (I think this song is a staple for any halfway decent punk band to cover at some point in their career), Strung Out's completely horrible version of "Every Breath You Take," and ending the CD there is ALL's weak cover of "Rebel Yell" by the first punker I ever saw on TV, Mr. Billy Idol. I don't know if I should've paid full-price for this, but it is fairly enjoyable, if not for the music then for the hilarious 80's yearbook photos inside.
[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]