The New Lows - All Our Roads (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The New Lows

All Our Roads (2017)


The New Lows just dropped a reminder why Orlando shouldn't be forgotten in terms of the who's who of the modern indie-rock/DIY scene. I saw a lot of chatter about this new album in a Fest group I'm in and it was a pleasant surprise digging into their discography. All Our Roads ends up being their best work to date, and given the writing it's probably due to them maturing as a band and understanding the twists and turns in life lead you back to one place -- home.

The jangly indie vibe of "Gulley" is most indicative of their past sound, but for me it's the soulful and folky vibe of songs like "Maze" that appeal most. The production feels rough enough to let these songs sink in but is still polished up enough for you to get that Built To Spill and Superchunk flavor off "Hate On." The album's a tad front-loaded but goes down like a big glass of whiskey. The end tapers off a bit but just before that, there are some lo-fi Americana pick-ups a la "Wet Grass" and "This Crime" to remind you that The New Lows have found a new high through the voice of Mike Levin, who's labored and labored to bring you rock and roll from his heart and soul.

All Our Roads by The New Lows