All Bad - No Good (Cover Artwork)

All Bad

No Good (2017)

Get Better Records

That Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sure is pumping out a lot of good punk music. All Bad is a speedy three piece comprised of members of PEARS, Amanda X, and The Superweaks, and it shows. Straight up fun, occasionally subdued pop punk with a nice bite.

No Good impressively runs the pop punk gamut, and with 10 tracks averaging 2 minutes each, there is plenty of replay value, and you certainly will have this on repeat. “High Expectations” starts off with a boom and a punch of Worriers-esque vocal patterning. Fast acting scratches of the snappy “Selfish Thoughts” and “Shut Up” will alleviate your Latterman, Dorkrockcorkrod itches, while you can walk and chew bubblegum to “Solitude” and “Be Weird,” where the jetpack takes time to fuel up and contemplation sets in.

Instrumentals make this album a particularly entertaining listen, illustrated foremost by bass and drums melding together to help “Sour Smiles” cruise the staticy guitar highway. Vocals match proper intensity when needed, “Unhappy Together” is a total ripper, equal parts duet, fighting, and call and response; pretty wild how much can be fit in just 2 minutes and 5 seconds. If you’re in the mood for Best Coast-echoed “ahhhs” and bouncy, Ramones-intense riffing, All Bad also has you covered on “Bad Mood.” You really could throw out any band’s name from the genre and you’ll find a comparable song on this album, there’s something for everyone.

No Good is track after track of East Coast pop punk goodness that only gets better and more addictive with each passing play, able to easily stretch a 20 minute album into an hour (hours if I’m being honest) of listening. No Good is so good. I’ll show myself out. Right after another listen to this album.