Thursday / Basement / Touche Amore / Wax - Live in Charlotte (Cover Artwork)
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Thursday / Basement / Touche Amore / Wax

Live in Charlotte (2017)

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Ain't nothing wrong with driving four hours from Richmond to catch a show at the Fillmore! And then four more back with one thing on my mind - Taco Bell! That said, this was the third time I was seeing Thursday. Saw them at Riot Fest last year in Chicago as part of their reunion and they killed it! The night before they played at the Double Door and lead singer, Geoff Rickly, listed me as I flew in from the Caribbean for it. Didn't know USA is so strict with bars because I didn't have ID and couldn't get in so I had to go grab my VISA and come back! None of that worries this time though as I walked with that shit! Doors opened at 7pm but I was there early to do a Basement interview. 


First band up was Wax Idols. I loved American Tragic but sadly, I couldn't take in much of their set as I was by the door trying to find the person who had my ticket. I couldn't recognize some of the songs and afterwards they told me it was because they were playing new stuff. When I finally was able to settle in properly, I was shocked that Touche played before Basement. Then again, the latter's got that Fueled By Ramen backing so guess something was discussed. This set had me 50-50. At the last Riot Fest, I saw them the day Stage Four dropped and they didn't much off it, bar "Rapture." They didn't even do much off Is Survived By, and I'm a fan who loves their new stuff more so it was disappointing. This time around, it was slightly better but again, not much was played off the latter album. Got some of the newer songs such as "Flowers and You," which opened up the set, as well as "Rapture", "New Halloween", "Displacement", "Benediction" and "Palm Dreams." Older songs played included "~", "Pathfinder" and "The Great Repetition". All I got off ISB was "Just Exist." After the show, I went backstage and noticed that Jeremy was there among everyone kinda tired and reserved. Hearing him talk and how his voice was strained, I just felt like he really needed a much longer break away from music, especially as his mom died in 2015. He seems tired. Their set was pretty short too which Rickly told me he couldn't explain as he was begging them to play longer.-----------Anyways, Basement was pretty tight. Saw them at Riot Fest too but got there late and was deep in the back. This time the venue wasn't filled so it was much more comfortable. They're really a bunch of cool guys and I loved colormeinkindness so it was intriguing mixing and matching with the stuff they did after (which I admit disappointed me). Andrew Fisher's vocals were so on point and they sounded CD-quality. Props to the Fillmore for their mixing and overall setup. They did a lot of stuff off the remastered Promise Everything from FBR, which sounded tight and had me diving back in with a second mind. "Brother's Keeper", "Promise Everything" and "Aquasun" were solid, but not as great as "Covet", "Whole" and "Pine"!Set List:- Whole- Fading- Spoiled- For You the Moon- Earl Grey- Crickets Throw Their Voice- Brother's Keeper- Promise Everything- Pine- Covet------------Thursday was phenomenal as usual. Nostalgia to the max! I got my fill of War All The Time and Full Collapse, although I was sad they dropped "I am the Killer" from the set list, as it basically the same thing they played last year in both Chicago shows. However, "Sparks Against the Sun" was a gem I never thought I'd hear. Rickly's voice actually sounds so much better and the guys just seem to be having fun now that they're back together. Oh, they brought their babies to the show too! So rad. I hope they do another album soon. Rickly sounded like it was a possibility after the show, so fingers crossed.Set list:- For the Workforce, Drowning- The Other Side of the Crash/Over and Out (Of Control)- Cross Out the Eyes- Beyond the Visible Spectrum- Autobiography of a Nation- Counting 5-4-3-2-1- A Hole in the World- Signals Over the Air- Jet Black New Year- This Song Brought to You by a Falling Bomb- Division St.- Sparks Against the Sun- Understanding in a Car CrashEncore:- War All The Time- Turnpike Divides

PS: found out that one of Basement's crew got my burrito!