June Spirit - Testing Superstition (Cover Artwork)

June Spirit

Testing Superstition (2002)

Negative Progression

Ok, so this may be a little late in the game - but you were late a couple times in school, and the teacher always forgave you. So, have some sympathy on poor little New Jersey-native June Spirit, for they missed the first 8 classes of the day. Sure the kids didn't know them as much because, hell, half of them were already gone by the time the band finally stopped scratching their balls and released Teaching Superstition in July of 2002. But honestly, does that make them followers if all they wanted to do was rock and sing songs about how much that girl smells like the neighboring garden? It sure does, but i'll tell you this - they kicked the crap out of all those who've done it before them, and joined the ones that were able to withstand the beating.

The album opens with an almost familiar acapella introduction, and right before you can even make it to the 'stop' button on your stereo, it wizzes right along to the second track, a powerful number simply called "Roundabout." From the moment you hear the singer's voice, you're hypnotized and instantly teleported into some weird kind of emo-only universe, and you can't help but relate to what this poor little guy is saying. The lyrics are incredibly catchy, and boy does that set the tone for the rest of the album - but don't even think that this is going to be an album of the same old boring scat you're used to - because, well, it isn't. Each song has it's own special little ring to it, at least for the first 7 songs or so, and then, sadly, you realized you're all emo'd out. There isn't a tear left to cry, and there wouldn't be even if you poured the hot water from your tea all over your eyes (sorry, bad joke, but you can't deny the lunchbox, you tool!). So, what does that mean? I guess it means this should have been an EP, and they shouldn't have wasted so much time trying to drag out the album as long as possible - punk is supposed to be short, and if you're going to break that code, be prepared for some backlash. Some of the songs stretch for nearly 5 minutes, and in emo, unless you're Jawbreaker, that just doesn't make the cut.

But, hell, just because it gets boring doesn't make the songs intolerable, you just have to sit there with something else better to do while listening to it (so you don't notice). This album is an extremely enjoyable emo/pop-punk album, and it's recommended .. just remember what I said about the lunchbox!