Stereo Total - Musique Automatique (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Stereo Total

Musique Automatique (2002)

Kill Rock Stars

Stereo Total's new album Musique Automatique on Kill Rock Stars isn't bad, its just repetitive, and painfully so. I've been trying to get through the entire CD for two months now, and every time I put it in, the first few songs seem fun, decent, but nothing spectacular. I can't make myself listen to the whole thing.

So most of the CD isn't in English, that makes sense, there's a bit of French, a bit of German, at times, it makes me wish I spoke these languages so that I had some clue as to what the hell they're trying to say. Other than that, this CD evokes no emotion from me. The trading on and off of female and male vocals is refreshing and the first track "Automatic Music" I did enjoy the switching from French to English, but not enough to care if I ever hear the song again.

Honestly this CD put me to sleep. It's hard to comment on the songs, because they all started to blend together, none of it blew my mind in the slightest. Continuously, over the past week, I've attempted to force myself to listen to this CD… I kept walking away from it. I figure "hey, if I put it on in the car, and it's the only CD I bring, I can't avoid it, right?" So I'm driving to the post office with my mom and her immediate response actually mirrored mine for once. "Ew, what the hell is this? This is really bad." But still, we trudged on and we made it through a majority of the disc. Then I departed from the car to pick up dinner and returned to the tunes of the classic rock station. Honestly, I had to keep it there, because after about five minutes of Stereo Total, I'm ready to listen to ANYTHING else.

Credit goes to them for integrating three languages in their music, that did impress me. Credit goes to them for creating music, because what they did is better than anything I've ever done (although it doesn't take much to be better than nothing). Credit doesn't go to them for creating interesting music that has any longevity.