Face to Face - Say What You Want [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Face to Face

Say What You Want [7-inch] (2017)

Fat Wreck Chords

Like most bands that have been around for 25 plus years, Face to Face has had plenty of career peaks and valleys. Last year’s Protection has to considered one of the peaks. Now comes a new two song seven inch, also on Fat Wreck Chords, to take advantage of the positive momentum. Side A is “Say What You Want” from the just mentioned Protection, while side B is an excellent, previously unreleased track called “I, Me, Mine”.

“Say What You Want” feels like an obvious choice for a single. It might not be the best song on Protection, but it is among the most optimistic and upbeat sounding. It’s also extremely catchy with plenty of poppy hooks. Like so many Face to Face songs, it’s sweet on the outside and a little bitter in the middle. The real treat for fans is “I, Me, Mine”. It’s similar to the darker and more intense songs on Protection. It’s a good, album worthy song, not just some dusty leftover.

Face to Face’s second go round with Fat is off to a great start. Say What You Want is mostly for serious fans, but wouldn’t be a bad introduction to the band either. This seven inch plus quite a bit of touring should pacify those who are already eagerly awaiting new material. In this age of short attention spans, it should also keep Face to Face in people’s fickle minds. “Say What You Want” b/w “I, Me, Mine” is another solid releases from a band that still seems to have plenty in the tank.