AFI - Behind the Times [EP] (Cover Artwork)


Behind the Times [EP] (1993)

Key Lime Pie Records

Show this ep to any current fan and see what their reaction will be like. Hopefully it will blow them away and open them up to the “oldies” if they haven’t heard them before.

Behind the Times was the second release by AFI and it’s an awesome 10 minute and change six song ep with all killer no filler tracks. Souped-up East Bay California Hardcore, this album reeks of Gilman Street shows, graffiti tagged buildings, hot sweaty summers, and total angst.

Most of the songs on this release were re-recorded and put out on later releases but as a whole, they are all perfect here. For your melodic Hardcore Punk fix, listen to tracks “Who Said You Could Touch Me?” and “Highschool Football Hero”. If you dig Black Flag, give “Rizzo in the Box” a chance.

As for the rest? It’s just straight up Hardcore Punk man.

AFI is an interesting band to look back on and see where they came from. This ep, as well as all those other early releases, are on the other side of the spectrum to what they do currently. Other side of the universe really.

I guess if you have been a band for over 25 years things will change. Still, this little nugget is tops.

That is all..