The Vandals - Sweatin' to the Oldies DVD (Cover Artwork)
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The Vandals

Sweatin' to the Oldies 📀 (2002)

Kung Fu

Joe Escalante is a funny, funny man.

This is, by far, the biggest thing I came away with after watching this DVD re-release of the Vandals classic documentary "Sweatin' To The Oldies."

This DVD contains the original movie, which is basically a Vandals concert filmed in the early nineties [92, I believe] as well as footage and histories of each band member. This concert was before I got into the Vandals [my knowledge of them only went back to "Live Fast, Diarrhea"], so 99% of these songs were completely new to me [although the idea of "you've heard one, you've heard 'em all" can certainly apply at times to the Vandals catalog].

Musically, the band's now-patented skatepunk sound is top notch, with drummer Josh Freese stealing the show, as usual. The biographical pieces interspersed throughout the concert are absolutely hilarious, with Escalante's narration making it priceless.

But the real gems here are all on the second disc. This disc is packed to the brim with extras. There's outtakes from the concert [usually dropped due to poor sound], as well as rare footage of each of the band members. One clip shows Warren recording a string quartet in the studio for the band's "Oi! To The World" album, and it's amazing how professional he is. Who would've guessed? There's also footage of the band performing at a German festival a few years ago, as well as a rare video of singer Dave Quackenbush singing for Pennywise on their European tour a few years ago [apparently Jim was sick and couldn't go or something]. If you're a fan of either band, it's a cool piece of history to have.

But, as he does on the first disc, Josh Freese steals the show. There are a few commericals on this disc from his adolescent years, and they're pretty amusing. The show-stealer, though, is the extended footage of him playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. In short, it is fucking hilarious.

One of the most popular short segments in the original documentary, where Joe interviews the Sugarcubes, is included in it's entirety here on the second disc. Joe's nervous, stumbling questions are only funnier when Bjork just seems to fuck with him. This is definitely worth checking out [plus you get a wicked crotch shot of Bjork as she crosses her legs].

The commentary tracks provided by all four members of the band convey their unique sense of humor, with, once again, Escalante's quirky comments winning over everyone else. I could see this man doing stand up, that's how much I enjoy his witicisms.

Will this win the band any new fans? Doubtful, because I really can't see anyone who was not already a Vandals fan buying this. I did enjoy it immensely, however, as it gave me a detailed history on a band that I'm into, and entertained me throughout. Definitely worth your money if you're a Vandals fan.