Tigers Jaw - spin (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Tigers Jaw

spin (2017)


Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins have had to shift their musical perspective as the remaining members left from the old Tigers Jaw. spin finds the duo, as cliched as it sounds, more mature and focused, using this experience to tell stories in a less angsty, restless way. They're still delivering indie/jangly emo rhythms but geared more for an alternative rock audience as opposed to the DIY crowd of old. Will Yip's Black Cement launches its journey with them and he actually polishes it off much better than what they did on Charmer. That album indicated they'd be heading down this road, but spin settles in and slowly takes you on the ride, off into the sunset and eases the transition.

They've tempered their sound down a lot. It's emo meets pop-punk a la bands like Saves The Day and Petal -- as songs like "Oh Time" and "Window" would indicate. These in particular drive the back-end of the record, which feels like the best representation of how their older selves want to channel new energies moving forward. You've also got "Escape Vision" and "Bullet" to remind you of their vintage, classic material but the fizz and pop of the newer tracks have you taking note. It's definitely out with the old and in with the new. There are great middling grounds too such as "June" which is fit for fans of Slingshot Dakota and Eisley, highlighting how Collins is more subtle and relaxed in her delivery. It's time to settle down it appears.

Walsh does the same as well, reflecting the mid-tempo melodies and much more pacified lyrics they're putting out. They're not about that teenage pain anymore and it works because neither are their old fanbase. Tigers Jaw have evolved but they're not going to drastically turn the corner. It's more of a slow bend around a hill. spin acknowledges the past, tipping its hat at it but that nod is an honest goodbye signaling a move to newer pastures.