Daisyhead - In Case You Missed It (Cover Artwork)
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In Case You Missed It (2017)

No Sleep

I've been pretty excited about this album after taking in The Smallest Light from them a couple years ago. They also had a split out with Have Mercy, which felt like two peas in a pod and what makes Nashville's Daisyhead stand out even more is how they trudged on after almost breaking up to bring In Case You Missed It alive-- reminding us that life's a journey we need to keep chipping away at. 

One of the big things about this album is that they put on display a variety of songs. I took to them because they had that grunge feel of bands like Basement, Balance and Composure, Daylight and Citizen. "Common Ground" is a great example of this, as is "Don't Feel Bad." However, bar these, they've dialed things back much more, sticking to the mid-tempo range of things. The loud-soft dynamic works for them but when Daisyhead get dirtier and aggressive, it feels like they're at the strongest. 

Songs like the atmospheric haze of "Hold The Door" (which feels like NJ's Gates), the poppier self-titled track and the other acoustic tracks on the record are well done but they feel like they're restrained. The same for the 90's alt. rock jam "TV Song" -- another well-refined tune but it's the louder and cut-loose elements that come off more signature. Daisyhead shouldn't tread these waters much moving forward because it doesn't feel like they're challenging themselves. When they bring the noise, that's when they truly have a distinct voice. That said, the production here's solid and you've got big hooks and enough melodies to keep you hooked for days.