The Scandals - Lucky Seven (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Scandals

Lucky Seven (2017)

panic state/say-10

If you’re still mourning the premature death of The Gaslight Anthem, you should definitely be listening to The Scandals. (Guitarist/vocalist Jared Hart plays in The Crowes with Brian Fallon, and Fallon produced this EP.) The fellow New Jersey quartet runs their punk through the same Bruce Springsteen-esque filter. It’s gritty, catchy, working class punk and roll at its finest. The lead vocals are raspy while the backing vocals are full of lush harmonies. The guitar riffs are jam packed with hooks and complemented by well thought out lead guitar lines. The mostly mid-tempo songs are memorable and will have you singing along in no time.

I first came across The Scandals when I saw them open for TSOL in Detroit last summer. I almost always enjoy it when younger bands open for classic acts. Sometimes it’s the only way to get newer groups in front of us older punks. I was impressed by The Scandals’ work ethic and energetic live show. My 15 year old daughter was with me and she liked them also. (We don’t agree on much.) I picked up a reissue of their debut album The Sound of Your Stereo (2010), and enjoyed that too. I had been looking forward to checking out some new material.

Lucky Seven is an EP, but has five songs (not seven?) and a run time of fifteen minutes. It’s like a full half of an LP. The almost title track “Lucky 7’s” starts things off with a bang. Next track, “Emerald City”, is probably my favorite. At least it’s the one that gets stuck in my head the most. Closer “Calling Cards” is a close second. “Hostage” is probably my least favorite, but it’s by no means a bad song. (I’m just opposed to the obligatory ska breakdown.) Overall, Lucky Seven is another impressive release from four young guys from The Garden State. Give The Scandals a try. They might just fill that Gaslight Anthem sized hole in your heart.