Spodie - Faster Metrobot Kill Kill (Cover Artwork)


Faster Metrobot Kill Kill (2009)

Insubordination records

Spodie were a pop punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They formed in 1992, and called it quits towards the end of 1999. Although they were around for a decent amount of time, they never released a full length album. Instead, they had a bunch of EP’s, splits, and compilation appearances. Faster Metrobot Kill Kill compiles almost all of the material they recorded in those years into one epic discography album. 22 songs in 44 minutes. The album artwork doesn’t describe the album at all, and leaves a negative imprint in my mind. This is a band that was heavily influenced by bands like Screeching Weasel, The Dickies, The Misfits, and all of the local snotty pop punk bands that they played with. The production of the album is perfect. It sounds like actual human beings making music together. It’s a very natural sound, that sounds way better than most of the overproduced pop punk albums that have come out over the years. There’s something special about this band, and the production and mix capture it perfectly.

The music on this album can be described as snotty pop punk, with the occasional hardcore track. Dave Spodie sings lead on most of the songs, and he’s got one of the greatest voices in punk. While it might not sound like it in these settings, he always sounds like he’s right in key, while still retaining a raspy edge. He has a lisp, and it benefits greatly. A charming vocal delivery that never gets old. The angry, in-your-face melody in “Chainsmoking” make it one of my favorites on the album. Dave isn’t the only singer on the album, though. On “It’s Not Fair” bassist, Jon Ring goes all out, and the chorus of him and Dave singing is what punk is all about. Its got a hardcore sound to it, along with “Creepy Lee”, which isn’t nearly as good. 

One of the highlights on the album is “Teenage Sadomasochist” where he sings “I’m a sick, perverted motherfucker, I don’t care.” Bill Ring's drumming sounds super tight. His snare sounds great, and all over the place. Nothing is amazing about the guitar work. They stick to playing simple chord progressions that are common in punk. That’s all they really need. Simplicity works with most punk bands. “Everything’s the Same” is quite possibly the best song on the album, and one of my favorite songs of all time. There’s something about its simple, hopeless melody that I love. “Better Days” has this same feel, making it another favorite. “17 & Stupid” is Spodie’s big hit, and it’s a lovable pop ditty that will have you singing along in no time. “Nowhere or Bust” sounds like it could be a closer, with its anthem feel. It’s where my interest stops with the album, and most of the songs that appear after it are a downhill disaster. The first 13 songs are fun pop punk tunes that have enough energy and humor to make it worth the trip. While the rest of the songs aren’t horrible disgraces, there’s just nothing special about them. They’re average pop punk tunes. With the exception of “Fight or Fuck” and the closer “Kingsized”, I find them completely pointless. It's a compilation of most of the material the band ever recorded, but they’re not as charming and fun as the first 13 songs. They sound like the band is circling around the same block, and losing their stride. They make the album feel like it’s way longer than it is. Although, I can appreciate Dave's fast vocals at the end of "Brenda's Got a Devilock". It all ends with "Kingsized" which has a good feel to it. It's the perfect closer to the album, and a sweet little love song. 

Faster Metrobot Kill Kill is not a perfect pop punk album, but it’s a fun listen. It carries the legacy of Spodie, and makes sure the memories live on. Spodie were a real punk band, with punk hearts. DIY was in their blood, and they’re a perfect example of a band making songs for the love of music. While it’s not an album I’d show to people who just discovered the genre, it’s one that I’d show in terms of spirit. These guys knew how to play, and had a lot of fun doing it.