Thunder Dreamer - Capture (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Thunder Dreamer

Capture (2017)


Thunder Dreamer have grown from being vocalist Steven Hamilton's solo act to a four-piece that focuses on whiskey-sipping, slow burners for Sunday evenings. When the sun's setting, this is the haunting kind of emo music that you want guiding you as you reflect on life and ponder its true meaning. Capture is all about that hunger and raw essence we all have, to make things succeed.

It's a heart-on-sleeve album with "Capture" coming off like a Foxing track. Thunder Dreamer sounds a lot like Foxing actually, without the big swells and crescendos. This song is so melodic and haunting as it crawls into your ear slowly. Zach Zint  on the pianos then amps things up to put an edge on songs like "The Bridge" and "St-Malo" -- all hinging on lyricism that you'd find from acts like Manchester Orchestra, The Gaslight Anthem and Restorations. Capture traps that Americana soul -- those stories of love, work and loss; and those fleeting moments which we can't escape. The good ones and the bad. Soothing music at the end of the day.