Madcap - East to West (Cover Artwork)


East to West (2002)


Got gang vocals? Mad Cap's latest effort is chock full of them in case you needed to get your reccommended 12 songs worth. But who's complaining when it sounds this good?

If you ask me Side One Dummy is putting out some quality music lately, and are quickly becoming a favorite of this Boston guy. Mad Cap just adds to the quality coming out of the Side One camp. Their explosive punk style gets a huge compliment by all the gang vocals all over this 12 song LP. Songs like "Bright Lights, Big City", which I am sure you are all familiar with by now, bring forward their hard hitting yet fun and catchy style of punk. And then their are songs like Midnight thoughts that show that they can be more than just a punk band, they put together a working stiff anthem that is slow, melodic and, not emotional, but that they can relate to the working man, because well, they work just as hard, if not harder, than a lot of bands today (but the drums and the bass line at the beginning remind me of Green Day's "Longview").

Let's keep it short huh? Highlights on this album include, obviously, "Bright Lights, Big city", "These Old Feelings", "Heaven or Hell", and "You Can't Forget". this cd is far from perfection, but if you are looking for something fun, catchy, and can quench your undying thirst for gang vocals this is for you. There wasn't that simple. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to figure out what song the end of "These Old Feelings" reminds me of... anybody?